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Wireless Auditing:

Wi-Fi auditing is a process of assessment performed by the security auditor or ethical hacker, which is performed to determine how secure the Wi-Fi of your organization is. It allows you to discover how secure the Wi-Fi of your organization is with the goal that it doesn’t get hacked because of poor configuration settings.

There are distinctive advantages of Wi-Fi Auditing, as it helps in understanding the security vulnerabilities in the present wireless setup. With the assessment of your wireless network you can be rest guaranteed that the security of your business can be improved, and with the assistance of the audit you will almost certainly known the security of your wireless network. This audit is performed with the assistance of hacking tools, and wireless sniffers which allow the ethical hacker to test the security of your wireless network.

Wi-Fi Auditing is critical to discover any sort of substantial security vulnerabilities that exist in your business and subsequently you should search for an expert who will provide sufficient security. Ethical Hackers consider the most developed and quickest tools that are utilized for cracking Wi-Fi passwords with a sensible time period. Silver Hackers help to verify the status of your Wi-Fi network so it can be shielded from any sort of attacks.

By performing the Wi-Fi audit we are able to determine:

  • Wi-Fi signal strength and signal leak
  • Detect Rogue Access Points
  • Wi-Fi Client Information
  • Type of Encryption utilized
  • Simulate a Rogue Access Point
  • Wireless Security Measures