Silver Hackers

Penetration Testing & Red team Engagements


Silver Hackers is proud to offer a vast variety of services in regards to cyber security needs. Nowadays a simple antivirus is not enough to prevent attacks or losing valuable information. Others may not have data to lose, but just have the goal of protecting their identity online. We can do single projects, temporary contracts, or SECaaS (Security as a Service). Silver Hackers can help you identify the weaknesses in your business or network to determine the current security level. Our assessments may be conducted on a wide range of different kinds of organizations, and from small businesses up to large infrastructures. The Vulnerability Assessment is one of the first steps to perform for your network.

We fully abide by the law, and non-disclosures can be provided.

The following represents a list of services which we are able to offer, but not limited to:

Silver Hackers offer comprehensive security solutions that meet the requirements of common standards and regulations. Some of these standards and regulations require constant assessment, planning, implementing, monitoring and reporting. In our current technology era, new risks and threats are born every day.